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I don't understand the answer, but I may have some ideas on the question...

the music of my dreams

Every so often (less often than I'd like), I wake up from a dream with a complete original song or tune in my head. On those occassions, I get up straight away and sit at my keyboard until the tune in my head has been mapped out on paper.

And since this happened at 3am this morning, and my keyboard doesn't have headphones and is a bit dodgy on the volume control*, I hereby publically apologise profusely to my neighbours if I woke them up. They can take some comfort that the final version sounds better than the hit and miss notes they would have heard this morning.

Now all I have to do is write some lyrics for it.

* You can't just make it the volume you want since there seems to be a dodgy connection there and it will only work at certain volumes. It sounded very loud to me, but then, everything sounds loud at 3am - I have noticed that if I'm watching TV at that hour, I have the volume at 5 when it's usually at about 11 or 12.

Listening to: Augie March - Thanks for the Memes


Blogger Lord Bargain said...

I've got some lyrics and no tune - will yours fit? heh heh heh

4:44 am  
Blogger OLS said...

*lol* I have a bunch of lyrics without tunes myself... they never seem to fit though, do they? Bugger that.


12:17 pm  

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