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Valley Fiesta (only a week late)

So I still haven't had time to post about the Valley Fiesta, but I really feel I should since I had a great weekend. So I'll do it in brief, by reference to the program:-

Friday 8/7/05
7.00-7.45 Elation - I liked these guys, they reminded me of Zephyr Timbre in some ways
8.00-9.00 Spod - not so big on these guys. Just didn't like their sound

And then it was on to Rics for Dave McCormack and the Polaroids. Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side supported and I'm not a fan, but many of the audience obviously were. Dave and the boys were fantastic though. Rics was packed so solid that people who wanted to leave had to go upstairs to get out. I was sitting on the bench up the back though, so I was still able to see. They did a cover of a Weezer song - I can't remember which one, but it's one of the one's from Pinkerton, so I'm listening to that this morning to try to remember. I was very impressed.

Saturday 9/7/05
3.10-3.50 A view from Madeleine’s Couch - I thought they were a duo last time I saw them, but there was 4 of them this time. I like them, but they're not the most musically interesting band in existence. Very relaxing.
4.10-5.00 Misinterprotato - Even though I don't think they improvise, but they sound like your typical improv jazz. I've got to be in a jazz mood to really enjoy them, but thankfully I was on Sat arvo, so I did.
5.20-6.20 Doch - gypsy music with Slav influences. One of my favourite bands. I danced my butt off with a 2yo, but still missed The Fairy.
7.20-8.00 Dave McCormack & The Polaroids - got there early and wriggled my way up the front so I could see. Thought I'd be in the middle of the mosh pit (for want of a better word), but I think most of the kiddies around me didn't know who they were and were just waiting for Evermore to come on. Danced my butt off again and had a wonderful time.

Then I headed for The Troubadour to meet my mates for The Meadows, Kelt and speedstar. They'd managed to snag some of the comfy couches by getting there early and it was just as well since the gig was sold out. We were able to enjoy most of the gig from the comfy couches, but there was quite a crowd standing by the time speedstar came on, so stood for their set. Good sets by all. The Meadows seemed to have a couple of technical problems, but played some new songs I hadn't heard before and I do like their sound. I haven't heard Kelt before, but was keen enough that I went looking for a copy of his CD after (the gig was his CD launch), but couldn't find it. I haven't seen speedstar play live for a while, and I'd forgotten how much I love them. They played a nice mix of old and new stuff and I'm sure I would have been on my feet dancing even if I hadn't already been on my feet to see.

It was a little weird to see all of the Polaroid guys at the gig. They seemed to stay up the back and chat rather than come down to enjoy the music, but it still made them seem almost like normal people. ;o)

The one downside of the night was the amount of smoke in the place. I'm not sure whether their ventilation system wasn't working properly or something, but I hadn't been there long before my eyes were stinging with it - not helped by the chain smoker sitting in front of us. Again, I say that I hate the Troubadour's system of having a non-smoking area up the back near the bar and a smoking area up the front near the band. And I can't wait until the next stage of the smoking laws come in and smoking will be banned full stop from venues like the Troub and people will have to go outside to smoke. It will make things far more civilised (and my clothes won't smell so bad after a night out).

Sunday 10/7/05 - I was going to see..
1.45-2.15 Gin Club
2.30-3.00 Andrew Morris
2.50-3.10 Tribalicious
3.30-4.10 Jaleos Flamenco
4.30-5.10 Spankinhide
5.20-6.00 Boat people
6.20-7.15 Tim Rogers and the Temperance Union

but I had an asthma attack on Sunday morning and just wheezed around the house instead.

And now it's back to deal with my ever increasing workload.

Listening to: the mix CD I made for The Fairy's birthday


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