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Down to 8 apostles

One of the 12 Apostles has collapsed into the sea. I think it's a real shame. The 12 Apostles are probably the biggest tourist drawcard on the Victorian coastline and they're steadily disintegrating. And this latest one to go was the one you could see the best too.

Compare this photo from the above news.com.au story:

To this one I took when I travelled down there last year:

It just doesn't look quite the same does it?

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Blogger verbs said...

The bottom one's a bit darker and has the sun in it. :p

9:28 pm  
Anonymous The Fairy said...

Man, that is so sad... that place is really incredible. I'm glad I have my photos from a few years back, they are even more precious now - I have one here with me actually, stuck on the wall :)

9:44 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

verbs - I should have known that someone would bite... ;o)

the fairy - that's just how I feel. And what saddens me most is that they'll probably ALL be gone by the time our kids (should we have any) or grandkids (should we have kids that have kids) do the same sort of trips around the Great Ocean Road that we did.


6:59 pm  

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