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Are SNAGs the answer?

Two interesting articles I came across recently:-

- this one about women being angrier in the home than they are at work (compared with men who are angrier at work because they are highly competitive and career driven) because "Women are under enormous pressure in the home, particularly if they're working mothers. They have double the stress because they're effectively doing two full-time jobs."

- and this one about Spain's proposed laws to make men "pledge to 'share domestic responsibilities and the care and attention' of young children and ageing relatives" as part of their marriage contract.

It's a common problem. I know a lot of women who earn as well as or better than their husbands (or de facto partners) and work the same hours, but are expected to do the majority of the housework and child caring duties.

When The Ex and I were living together, I tried to split the household duties so that we were each responsible for roughly half each. But it inevitably happened that I would have to nag him to do his half, or just do it myself. I don't think you can truly get equality in the housework stakes unless each person takes responsiblity for their half, not just in doing the work, but also in remembering to do it.

In the meantime, I'll just happily live on my own. ;o)

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