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not the post I promised

Oooh! Blogger has a new photo feature that I can actually use without getting nasty messages from work's firewall. I like! So to test it out, I uploaded this photo from last year's Woodford Folk Festival. Hopefully it will come through okay.

It's not cold here any more. It's wet instead. Very wet. Quite a few people aren't at work today because they were flooded in. I had no problems getting to work, but I did arrive looking a bit like a drowned rat, which is always an attractive look. And my feet were wet.

It was so wet when I left this morning, I took pity on the cat and left him inside today. He just looked so comfortable curled up on my bed. Well, actually, he didn't look all that comfortable since he was sleeping with his face planted into the doona (how does he breath when he's like that?), but he did seem very comfortable. And he was all warm and purry. He didn't even leave my bed during the night to move to the couch (as he usually does) when I kicked him in the head (as I usually do - not intentionally, he just tends to want to sleep where my feet tend to want to be). Mind you, I would have been happy to stay in bed this morning as well.

I've not been blogging much this week because I'm neck deep in work and also have to get a job application (complete with selection criteria) done for Monday. I was at work until 9pm last night getting my first draft done. I've sent it off to the usual people who help me with my selection criteria (it's always a good idea to have someone else critically look at it to see what you've missed) and hope to get some answers back today or tomorrow so I can tweak it over the weekend and have it all ready to go on Monday.

So this is not the post I've been working on all week. This is just a tribute. Though that post is not going to be the greatest post in the world - I don't want to build up your hopes. I've only written about a paragraph on it. I just want to write more about that before I post it, and I want to chuck in a few links. But I just haven't had the time yet. Maybe today.

Listening to: speedstar - Bruises you can touch


Blogger Lord Bargain said...

what's worse I wonder? being nexk deep in water or neck deep in work?

chin up. [clearly, otherwise you might drown].

11:26 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

Thanks LB. At least I finally got that post finished and up here! *whew* ;o)


9:53 am  
Blogger Bliss said...

Was that a sly Tenacious D reference there? :)

5:20 am  
Anonymous OLS said...

If Tenacious D sung that "this is not the greatest song in the world" song, then yes, it was. ;o)


8:13 am  
Anonymous William Conway said...

Hello! Did you know you are a googlewhack???

11:09 am  

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