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10 must own items

I think I'm still a bit shocked by the London bombings. I text messaged all of my London friends as soon as I found out and I haven't heard back from 2 of them. I hoping this is just because they're responding to texts from everyone else and not because they were hurt.

Sometime today, my earworms for the week should be appearing over at SwissToni's Place. Yep, I'm this week's guest editor and proud to be the first chick (and I think the first non-UK person?) to grace his blog.

Now for the subject of the post. A while back, Begging the Question had this question as part of the regular Friday Spies posts (Fitz-Hume's are here, and Milbarge's are here). Since then, I've been thinking about what my list would be:-

10 must own items for single men

1. A pair of comfortable dress shoes
2. A piece of sporting equipment that you've used in the last 12 months
3. Scented spray for the toilet
4. A cookbook that you've made something from
5. A wicked and earthy sense of humour
6. The ability to be open to new experiences
7. Self-confidence without arrogance
8. Jocks without holes in them that weren't bought by your mother or ex-girlfriend
9. More than one set of sheets for your bed
10. At least 2 books by the same author that aren't fantasy or non-fiction

10 must own items for single women

1. A pair of comfortable dress shoes
2. An outfit that makes you feel sexy
3. A neutral coloured lipstick that brightens your lips but matches your skin tone
4. A "signature" perfume
5. A wicked and earthy sense of humour
6. The ability to be open to new experiences
7. Self-confidence without arrogance
8. At least one set of matching lingerie
9. Condoms (just in case #2 or #8 are successful)
10. At least 2 books by the same author that aren't romance fiction or self-help books

You'll see that the personality must-have's (#5-7) are the same for both sexes - I think they are required if you are going to survive the dating scene. And comfortable dress shoes are required if your feet are going to survive the dating scene! ;o)

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Blogger Lord Bargain said...

[grins proudly]

I think (although it is difficult for me to gauge #5 and #7) I can tick off every item on your list.

I even iron my bedding so there is always a spare set ready to go on at short notice (oooh, get me).

9:43 pm  
Blogger spinsterwitch said...

Hmmm...need to work on the matching lingerie.

LB - you iron your bedding?! Oh, my.

1:12 pm  
Blogger Aurelius said...

OLS, your list came up in discussion at the football today.
And I believe that your first in the male category is redundant in a way. No male owns a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable. If they were uncomfortable, he wouldn't buy them. If they became uncomfortable, he wouldn't wear them, and would replace them.

8:07 pm  
Blogger sarni said...

I'm glad that #10 for men doesn't apply to women, otherwise I might be in a teensy spot of trouble. :-) I don't, however, have any self-help or romantic fiction on my shelf, so that's all okay then. :-D

And I have spoken to men at work who admit that their work shoes aren't comfortable - so I think #1 for guys is still very much applicable.

1:34 am  
Blogger Flash said...

Does 5 out of 10 render me a bit rubbish?

7:17 am  
Blogger OLS said...

LB - if you laugh at double entendres and have no problems going to the movies/gig/coffee/travelling (pick the activity of your choice) on your own, then you have #5 and #7. Oh, and ironing your bedding is a little weird. But then, I'm the girl that doesn't even OWN an iron! ;o)

spinsterwitch - matching lingerie is definitely a must. Even if no-one sees it, it can make you feel sexy and confident just with the knowledge that you're wearing it.

aurelius - I know a fair few guys that don't have comfortable dress shoes. They either wear sneakers everywhere, or they refuse to walk further than 1km in their dress shoes. I suppose that my definition of comfortable may differ from others though.

sarni - also, you aren't a SINGLE woman, so you're safe anyway! ;o)

flash - really? You only got 5 of them? Which 5? I really didn't think my list was that hard to meet...


9:07 am  
Blogger Lord Bargain said...

why is ironing your bedding weird? i have a complex now...

and you don't own an iron? i have a big one that can be awkward to handle sometimes (just to prove #5 in your list, also....!!!!!!)

11:22 pm  
Blogger Suburban Hen said...

Ya know, if I didn't think he'd chew you up and spit you out I'd suggest a friend of mine. But I know he'd do just that, so I wont. He scored an 8.
However, my Bhoy only scores a 4. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

12:42 pm  
Blogger tokenwoman said...

I just want to know why does number 9 on the females list not appear on the male list?

2:53 pm  
Anonymous OLS said...

LB - ironing your bedding is like ironing your underwear - why would you bother? And yes, that complies with #5... ;o)

BPS - ah well if he only scored an 8, he probably wouldn't make the grade. Though the chewing up and spitting out part sounds like a challenge, and I'm always up for a challenge! ;o)

Would your Bhoy have scored higher back when he was single? I know a lot of married guys who wouldn't make the list, but did when they were single...

tokenwoman - because I limited it to things that I have found single men/women often lack. I don't know any single guys that don't have condoms... just in case... ;o)

Who knew this topic would generate so much discussion? *g*


4:01 pm  
Blogger Suburban Hen said...

No, he wouldn't have made ny more on the list then. Problems are: 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10.
1-No. Though do Docs count (not the shoes, the boots)?
2-Er, no. The dog ate it.
3-All aerosols are bad and why the hell do we need one to cover up something that is completely normal?
7-He lacks self-confidance. You wouldn't know it to look at him.
8-Er, no.
10-Ha! That's just funny, that is.

And even 9 is a problem. His mum bought the sheets.

7:57 pm  
Blogger Suburban Hen said...

Hang on then. I think he's down to just 2 and a bit with that list I just wrote.

7:59 pm  
Anonymous OLS said...

1. I guess Docs would count as long as they looked good enough to pass for dress shoes (mine used to when I wore them to work).

3. Doesn't have to be an aerosol - mine is a pump spray. Having lived with guys most of my life, I know how bad their "natural" smells can get after a session and I don't really want to smell it. It's one of those things that single guys often don't have, but, in my opinion, really should if they want girls to sleep over. ;o)

As for 7, 8 and 10 - well yeah, I think those would be a problem from what I've seen of the dating scene. I guess he was just as lucky to meet you as you were to meet him! ;o)


9:33 pm  
Blogger Lord Bargain said...

BPS - the dog ate a piece of sporting equipment? That means you have oddly small pieces of sports stuff or you have a bloody scary and giant dog that can eat, like cricket bats or surfboards...


9:17 pm  

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