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From this week's Time Off:-

Law changes to keep Valley rockin'

In a win for the Brisbane music community, the QLD Government and Brisbane City Council will make five changes to the law to make trendy inner city Fortitude Valley a designated "special entertainment area". A first in Australia, it comes into effect March 2006.

The state will adopt uniform noise levels for music venues, requires all new developments to have noise insulation, and stops resident complaints about existing clubs.

The issue blew up six years ago, as it had in various cities around Australia, with music venues under attack by residents, the latter aided and abetted by property developers wanting to buy the clubs at basement prices and turning them into apartments.

But QLD has taken the initiative. At last year's Big Sound conference, the Brisbane City Council launched its Valley Music Harmony Plan to try and broker a peace between the warring factions.

Q Music Executive Officer Ant McKenna says: "This will provide security and stability for artists and venues in Queensland and will mean that the burden will be put back where it belongs – onto developers creating new residential apartments within and surrounding our beloved Fortitude Valley. Instead of one new resident making a complaint leading to a vibrant venue closing down, this will pave the way for venues to know exactly what noise levels they can and cannot emit, they will be able to self monitor and emissions will be measured from the venue rather than from residential dwellings."

He expected to see more entertainment precincts in QLD.

This has been an issue very close to my heart for some time now - I guess 6 years since I was part of the original campaign. It's great to see that something is finally being done about it.

If anyone wants to know more, you can read about it on Q Music's website, the Department of Local Government and Planning's website, and Brisbane City Council's website. Submissions to LGP close on Friday, 12 August 2005 and to BCC close on Friday, 19 August 2005.

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