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Women in Docs

I was a bad girl last night - went to a gig, so had a late night and drank many beers on a school night. I'm feeling surprisingly okay today though - could be the V that I drank on the way to work this morning. Or it could be that it just hasn't hit me yet! ;o)

Anyway, it was worth it. I went to see Women in Docs at the Troubadour. It was the video-wrap party - they've just finished their first ever video clip for the song Nashville after having been together for about 6 years or something.

It was a good gig. I can't remember who the support band were, but they were two guys on guitar doing a folk-style thing. It was nice background music, but it didn't grab me.

But Women in Docs did a great set - I love their onstage chemistry and banter. I love their songs and they have great presence on stage - Roz moves around and does the rock god moves and Chanel is stiller but smiles at the audience as she sings. They played "I Wanna See" (my favourite song) and a heap of stuff from the Under a Different Sky CD. So I was a happy girl. And I really like their new single, "Nashville".

And the whole - if there was a movie of your life, who would play you and what would be the song for your entrance scene... killed me! I'd share, but I can't remember the punchline, so it would just spoil it for you guys.

And for the record, I'd be played by Kate Winslet (same as Chanel), but my song would be "Devil with the Green Eyes" by Matthew Sweet. The scene? Looking in the lit window of my unit and seeing me doing ordinary every day things, like cooking tea and sweeping the floors and patting the cat. There'd be those semi-see through curtains and it would be shot with one of those tunnel vision lenses so that I seem really remote. And then the scene would end with the camera changing to a normal (non-tunnel vision) shot and I would move through the door smiling and welcoming the stalker.

Listening to: Women in Docs - Under a Different Sky


Blogger Lord Bargain said...


I'd like to be played by Ewan MacGregor, but on the basis he's about half my height and ten times better looking, I'd probably struggle.

and for my entrance scene, I'd have to have some 80's song playing quietly from a radio. Maybe "Dignity" by Deacon Blue or something.

Kate Winslet's a good choice, though.

8:59 pm  
Anonymous OLS said...

Mmmm... Ewan MacGregor... Sorry I'm back. ;o)


8:53 am  

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