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new email address

Thanks to Sherry, I have a new email address... or more specifically, a new Gmail address at observantlittle@gmail.com! My template is being changed as you read, but I thought I should point this out to those who do email me privately.

Now if I can just get another one for my online dating...

Thinking of which, when I checked my email last night, I'd got an expression of interest (pick the lawyer huh?) from a 23yo boy.

This I don't get. Why would a 23yo boy on an online dating site be interested in a 30yo girl? I mean 7 years is a bloody big difference, especially at this age when life experience tends to play a big part, and he looks like he's pretty cute from the photo, so I don't imagine he's so hard up that he needs to go for "the older woman". But then, I guess I have close friends who are only 23 or 24... but they are all girls and I think of them like little sisters in some ways... I mean The Ex was only 2 years younger than me and he was far too young emotionally... *sigh* I just don't get it. I'm still trying to work out how I'll reply to him.

The weekend

This weekend, I was half thinking of heading up the hill to my folks place, but somehow this week, my weekend has filled up to the extent that I'm wondering when I'm going to get my housework done. Tonight, the Vegetarian is coming over for beer and take-away and then we're going to head into the Valley for a gig. Not sure which one yet. Tomorrow I really have to do some shopping for the house (curtains are way up there on the "must have" list right now) and I have to do some grocery shopping and buy an entree for Saturday night.

Saturday night is a Christmas dinner with Genie, the Tall Guy and the Teacher - we are all contributing something to the dinner in lieu of Christmas presents for each other, which I think is a brilliant idea since the Tall Guy is the hardest person on my list to buy for. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to get for the entree though - I can't really cook anything since most of my kitchen stuff is still in storage at my parents' place and I won't be picking it up now until Christmas. So it has to be something I can just buy and then put together easily. I was thinking about maybe getting some fancy bread with dips and spreads and cheeses like you get in restaurants? That will also sop up some of the alcohol. But it sounds a little boring. Anyone got any better ideas?

Anyway, so that's Saturday night and I'm staying over at the Teacher's place since I'm sure I'll be in no state to drive home. And then the Law Student has another performance with her choir on Sunday afternoon and I've said I'll go to that as well.

All in all, it makes for a very busy weekend.

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Blogger QM said...

Do an anti-pasto thing. Not just the bread and dips, but go to the market/deli and get different kinds of olives, pickled capsicums and artichokes and stuff like that.

Or alternatively, a good entree is to go to asian grocers and they have yum cha dumplings and pork buns and so on in packets ready to steam. Even if your stuff is in storage, a bamboo steamer doesn't cost more than $10. And very nice and everyone loves them.

1:11 pm  
Blogger Lushlife said...

Dammit QM beat me to it - I was going to suggest Anti-pasto too - love the nibbling and drinking. I am heading out this afternoon to try a new place called Mecca Bah - it should have nibbly Turkish food - Mezze platters. About the age thing - I think women have to no longer regard age as a barrier. Men certainly don't, as a generalisation men seem to have always dated and married younger women. It is these gendered mores which may well prevent you from meeting someone who actually might be very good for you. I met my husband when he was 19 and I was 25 - thats another story and I was worried that I had a thing for younger men - turned out my thing was for one younger man in particular.

1:27 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

Thanks guys. I'll check out the deli on Saturday and see what I can find.

Lushlife - I guess I am ageist in many ways after the bad experience of dating a guy that was 2 years younger than me in years but 10 years younger than me in maturity. I have generally found that guys under the age of 25 either haven't experienced enough of life to gain my respect (which, for me, is a vital element in any relationship), or have a completely different view on life to me in terms of where they're heading and where they're at. See the two main reasons why The Ex and I broke up as a for instance.

Regardless, I can understand meeting someone, finding that you have a lot in common despite the age difference, and then getting involved with them. One of my childhood friends started dating his partner when he was about 25 and she was 40 or so.

But what I don't get is actually looking for someone on an online dating service that is so much older than you. I put a 5 year age limit either way on my profile for that very reason. I can't imagine dating a guy who is 40 any more than I can a guy who is 20. *shrugs*


1:52 pm  

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