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back from holidays

Well, actually I've been back in Brisbane since Tuesday night but had Wed to Fri off work on sick leave and didn't feel up to posting from home either.

I had a bit of a bad run health-wise. Last Wednesday night (25/08) I was bitten on my arms by something I was obviously allergic to and Thursday through to about Sunday (30/08) I was battling that. Saturday (28/08) I found out that one of the "allergic reactions" was actually an infection from the bite (no idea how that happens, but apparently it's not that uncommon) and I went on anti-biotics from then until Friday (03/09). That weekend I also got bitten more times, this time on my chest and butt. I'm still recovering from those bites (they go a nice bruised shade of purple once they've stopped being all red and swollen). Got back from Melbourne on Tuesday night (31/08) and promptly came down with the 'flu which kept me out of action through to today. Not only that, but on Friday (03/09) I developed this rash on my arms and thighs from the combination of the anti-histamines I was taking for the bites, cold and 'flu tablets I was taking for that, and the anti-biotics I was taking for the infected arm. Doctor pulled me back to just the anti-histamines to try and resolve that, which meant that I spent the weekend feeling miserable with the 'flu and not able to take anything for it other than Panadol. I was not a happy chappy.

So anyway, I'm back to being (relatively) healthy again now. The bites have all faded out to their bruised state and aren't driving me nuts with their itchiness anymore, the infection has disappeared, the rash has all but gone, and the 'flu is still around, but not as bad as it was.

Since I was away for 3 days longer than I'd anticipated, I have a lot to catch up on, but I'll hopefully get around to posting about the fun stuff I got up to (yep, despite my various health problems, I still managed to do a hell of a lot in a week) in a day-by-day later today.

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