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Whew! What a weekend!

Well... my plans pretty much all worked out, with a few amendments.


Didn't hear back from that guy in time (pity, because he emailed me on Sat to say that he'd just been hanging around at home as well), so I ended up having a quiet night in. Ate some dinner, watched some telly and did a little work. This is becoming a bit of a pattern with me and I think I like it...


Spend most of the morning having had a 2 1/2 hour phone conversation wtih my Mum. She's a little stressed because another one of her sisters might now have Alzeimers and losing her mind is pretty much my Mum's worst fear. We also talked about the online dating thing (yep, I finally told her) and her reaction was pretty much as expected (in order):-

1. Excellent! My daughter will be producing grand-children for me soon!

2. She'll probably be too picky and won't like any of them though.

3. And they're all going to be weirdos anyway who'll lie about themselves to get their dirty little paws on her.

So anyway, I've made it very clear to her that I'm not even sure if I want a relationship full stop, let alone one with any of these guys; that I'm vetting them by email before I meet them or give them my phone number; but that I'm having fun just dating and that's all I'm really interested in. She was remarkably supportive of the idea anyway - she knows other people have done the same sort of thing because when you're a professional working long hours, you just don't tend to meet people. My cousin actually met both his first and second wife (who he now has a baby with) through dating agencies. He's a psychiatrist in the hospital system and I'm hoping he -wouldn't- want to date most of the people he meets through work. Mind you, I'm more outgoing than my cousin and probably more social, but the theory still holds. If you are fairly specific about what you want in a guy, older than 25 and don't like the meat market pubs, chances are you're going to have a little more difficulty in finding a single guy you're prepared to spend time with. So anyway, it's all good now and we can talk about what I've been up to without me keeping secrets or having to worry about her jumping to conclusions. I hope.

Finally got off the phone when I realised that I had 1/2 an hour to have a shower and get into the valley to meet up with the K couple at the Valley Markets. Turned out they'd seen all they wanted to see and we headed into the Southbank markets. Ended up missing Miles from Nowhere. We had a nice time running around the markets. I was very good and didn't buy anything except for some food. Mind you, that was a bit of a drama. At first we went to the pub, but I wasn't allowed to get a kids meal unless I'm a kid (I'll never understand that, why do they care?) and knew I'd never finish a full size meal (they were huge!). So the K couple just had a couple of beers with boy K's friend from work. And then we moved on to one of the take-away places in Southbank. I went to this fish & chip shop and ordered calamari & chips. They said it would be 5 minutes. 10 minutes later, I saw them put on a whole bunch of calamari and asked if that was my order just going on then... yeah - it was! Was not happy at all (besides anything else, I was hungry dammit!), so asked for my money back and gave them a bit of a serve about not saying "it'll be 5 minutes" if it won't. And then I went next door and got the same thing for cheaper! I'll certainly never go back to that place!

Sat night I was supposed to be catching up with the 'flu guy from last weekend. But then he contacted me mid-afternoon to say he wouldn't be able to make it - 'flu again! So I rang around - the Dendy guy was out of town, I knew that the 1st movies guy had a dinner party that night, I didn't really want to ask the boring guy, and I didn't have anyone elses numbers. So I emailed a couple of guys I haven't met yet, telling them to get back to me on my mobile if they were up for it. Heard back from one of them about 7pm and we met up outside the Troubadour at 9pm. This was the guy whose flatmate plays with The Meadows - I've only emailed him a couple of times and probably should have emailed more before we met. He's a nice enough guy, we just didn't have much to talk about outside of music. And there was very little physical attraction. I have a tendency to get hung up on the little things (there was the guy I wouldn't go out with because he had annoying speech habits, for example) and this guy's hair looked like a toupee. I'm sure it wasn't mind you, I think it was just the style and the fact that it looked too dark for his skin tone. Anyway, it was distracting and there was no tummy flipping or toe curling.

I really enjoyed the gig though. The supporting act, A Fleeting Glimpse, were a little ordinary. They have a nice sound, but all of their songs sounded much the same and the singer's voice wasn't clear enough to really hear the words, so couldn't get wrapped up in them that wey. They were just a little bland.

I've always enjoyed Art of Fighting, but I'm not a huge fan and don't own any of their CDs. I wasn't too sure how their sound would come across from a solo artist, but Ollie Browne was really good. He joked with the crowd, played some stuff from his old band, The Remotes, and managed to get a pretty big sound for the AofF stuff that really needed it. It was still pretty mellow stuff (being just a guy and his guitar), but it wasn't so mellow that I was falling asleep, because he kept it interesting with the mix of songs - old stuff, new stuff, faster stuff, slower stuff. I'd certainly see him solo again.


Sunday morning I decided that I'd like to catch up T&S if they were around, so I gave them a call late morning. Turns out that T was going to the movies with my ex, so I ended up tagging along to that. It's still a little weird with my ex - we always had a lot in common and so it's easy to talk to him, but we've only started talking again really since February (after I got back from overseas), and so there's a chunk of about 2 years where we didn't communicate. I've changed a lot in that time, but I don't think he has at all - so chatting to him is a little like deja vu for me. It was kind of nice for my ego that he's obviously still attracted to me and I'm no longer interested in him at all... got high on the power trip there! ;o)

So anyway, we went to see Etre et Avoire (To be and to have) at the Centro. It's a documentary about a little single teacher school out in the French countryside. Apparently it was shot over 6 months and it covers one class (ranging from 4 to just before middle school, which I think is 10 or 11) up until the end of the school year. It was really good - the kids (especially the younger ones) were so cute and it was interesting seeing how the teacher dealt with some of the problems his students faced.

Afterwards, we had coffee and chatted for about an hour before T and the ex had to leave to pick up S from the footy.

Sunday night, the law student and I had made plans to see Guy Webster at the Bowery. She insisted that I invite the Dendy guy along as well, which I did and he agreed. So it was me, the Dendy guy, the law student and this guy she's dating (the one that I met at speedstar which convinced me to join online dating - they're still seeing each other). It was a fantastic night. Early on, the Dendy guy asked me if I wanted a drink and I explained my financial situation, so he bought me drinks all night (I've promised to return the favour at some stage though). I'd barely eaten all day and had drunk 2 coffees, so 2 beers later, I was getting very silly. The law student was drinking cocktails to celebrate the end of exams, so she and her date were getting pretty silly as well. I almost felt sorry for the Dendy guy! ;o)

Once again, Paulie B did a set first up and then Guy Webster did a set (this time all on his lonesome with no occasional guests). It was a little weird because Paulie and friends were sitting at the table behind us and whenever GW looked over at them to make some comment, it felt like he was looking at us... instant paranoia! ;o) Of course, I just kept smiling at the world and fidgeting and probably giggling too much, and the others were acting almost as strange, so it could have been us he was staring at... ;o)

It was a good mix of songs - he set up a keyboard this time and did a couple of tunes on that. Probably more of a mix this time than last time, but he had the backing guys on a couple of songs last time. Last night was the final night of his June residency, so I guess he was also trying out some new stuff. He did say he's probably be doing another one in a couple of months though - which would be good.

The law student and her date left before the set ended. The Dendy guy and I stayed to the end and then he gave me a lift home (he lives down the road from me, but he drove in - a little bizarre...). I think maybe he was going to kiss me before I hopped out of the car, but I didn't realise it at the time and was already getting out... only later did I think that maybe I missed some vital cue there. I'm so bad at that sort of stuff - I generally assume that everyone is just being friendly until I suddenly find myself with a hand sliding up my thigh or a tongue down my throat (or something similarly obvious).

Anyway, he's supposed to be emailing or texting me. I'll see if I hear from him again and what he proposes. Maybe I can overanalyse that to figure out if I missed something last night.... *g*

Listening to: The Pixies - Wave of Mutilation (best of)


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