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date tonight

Well, off on another date tonight. We're going to have a bite to eat and then see Twin Sisters at the Dendy. Not sure how this one will go - think he might be a bit of a nerd, and I'm more into geeks! ;o)

I just went and bought tickets to Belle & Sebastian. They are playing at The Tivoli midweek in about a month. Tickets were nearly $70 each (expensive for the Tivoli) and I'm not sure that I know anyone to go with yet, but tickets only opened for sale today and they think they'll probably be sold out this afternoon, so I figure if the worst comes to the worst, I should be able to sell them (or maybe just one of them) again.

*sigh* I've just heard from R. Why does he insist on calling me on my mobile during working hours? And he's said he's going to come to Belle & Sebastian. Yay. Not. Oh, he's not a bad guy or anything, he just has no idea about the art of small talk or fitting in to the conversation. He's so very intense. So not good company. Ah well.

Listening to: Belle & Sebastian - fold your hands child...


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