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Another boring weekend

Well, I've successfully managed to do practically nothing all weekend again. However, considering I lost my voice on Wednesday and it was still a bit scratchy by the weekend, this probably wasn't a bad thing.

Friday night
I was supposed to go to the Brindle CD launch at the Rev but my date (a new guy from RSVP) texted me to say he had the 'flu and the law student bailed due to the amount of study she had to do - she actually chose passing her exams over a gig with me! How could she! ;o)

So instead, I grabbed some Tibetan take-away and crashed in front of the TV for the night. My flatmate was gone for the night, so I actually look over the loungeroom for the early part of the night, and then pottered in to the TV in my bedroom once the eyelids started spending more time closed than open.

I was supposed to be catching up with T&S on Saturday with their bub, but the bub threw a bit of a wobbly just as they were getting ready to head out, so that was postponed until Sat evening. I thought of heading into the markets to hear Neighbourhood Groove Collective instead, but it was already after midday by the time I heard from T&S and NGC was supposed to start at midday... also, I couldn't really be bothered! ;o)

Saturday night
T&S came over to check out the new pad (though not so new anymore) in the early evening with a friend of S's from Cairns who was staying with them. Had been planning to tell them about the online dating thing, but it felt a bit awkward to just raise it suddenly and didn't really want to discuss it in front of S's friend anyway.

I didn't have any plans, so I went over to T&S's place for dinner and a video (Stuck On You) that night. It was very pleasant, but once again S's friend was around for the early part of the night when we were just chatting and then we just watched the video once he'd gone, so I still didn't get to tell them about the dating. It's going to feel very weird soon if I don't get around to it. Maybe I should just email them instead... yeah - I might do that! Decision-making in progress in an online diary... ;o)

Anyway, back to my night - I got to play with their bub and feed him his bottle and put him to sleep, which was really nice. They reckon I have the magic touch, coz he doesn't go down that easily for them! I'm sure it's not true, but it's still nice... *g*

The plan was to get up early, complete my applications for a couple of jobs I'm going for* and then head off to the movies to see Shrek 2 with T&S. Like most of my plans, it didn't happen. I ended up sleeping in (sort of) until nearly midday, cancelled going to the movies so I could do my applications, and then still not starting them until after 4pm. I only spent a couple of hours on them (maybe 1 hour on each) and finished them off today, having taken a long lunch to do so.

*My current job is only temporary until the end of the year, so I figure I apply for these couple of permanent jobs that have come up in my area at PO4 level, so that if my current PO5 job ends in December, I won't be suddenly going back to a PO3 wage. Being government jobs, applying for the jobs means addressing 5 or 6 selection criteria for each position. Considering you usually write a page or two per selection criteria, you can see that applying for the positions involves a lot of work!

I did get to watch the first 8 episodes of the 2nd season of Buffy though... it was background noise for the work on my applications I swear! ;o)

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