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Myers-Briggs test

I've been thinking of posting about this for a while.

On one of my friend's blogs, she linked to a Bloginality test, which is a very simplified version of the Myers-Briggs personality test (apparently the full thing has hundreds of questions). So anyway my Bloginality is ISTP

Basically, this means apparently I'll tend to be: "logical, pragmatic, and matter of fact; quiet, unassuming, and autonomous; realistic, pragmatic, and aloof; impulsive and curious about the physical world; flexible and resourceful; objective and unemotional.
The most important thing to ISTPs is the freedom to act independently and follow their impulses."

These give some more info:-

You can also do a more generic version of the bastardised Myers-Briggs here.

I think, having read the above pages (amongst others), that I'm actually a borderline ISTJ. Basically, ISTP all sounds a lot like me, except for the lack of planning. I tend to plan things to some degree, but also like doing things on the fly. For example - when I was travelling in Europe in my last 2 months, I booked my train travel so that I could tell people which cities I would be in when, but I didn't book any accomodation or work out what I would be doing on each day (which seems to be how an ISTJ would approach it). I think I'm basically an ISTP who has discovered that life is a lot easier if you plan a little.

The physical/vocal features listed here are also not really me. Not sure that any of them would be though. How can you say what a person will look like based on their personality? Oh, and I love to hug. Particularly when drunk. Then I hug people A LOT!

But some of the comments are a even freakishly descriptive of me - I actually do read Trivial Pursuit questions for the fun of it! ;o)

Unfortunately, this does mean that I'm probably in the wrong career... none of the ISTP career pages mention being a lawyer.

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