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the weekend

Well, it was an interesting weekend.

*Friday night*
Had a date with another guy - we went to Stones Corner for coffee at this cool little place called The Stones Throw. I was pretty tired after a big week and wasn't sure how long I would last, but we ended up chatting over coffee/hot chocolate until 9pm.

He's a nice enough bloke, but he kind of reminds me of a female friend of mine (not that he's feminine, more like they could be siblings) in a way that's a little off-puting.

*Saturday night*
I had plans to go to iOTA with the law student and her friend. The surrogate daughter had also said that she was interested and I'd invited the coffee guy the night before. As it turns out, we all went. The surrogate daughter and I shared a bottle of champagne before we headed up to Cosmo to meet everyone else, so we were a little tipsy. We had dinner at the Cosmo... figured we should after the champagne... and then headed up to the Troubadour to nab a couple of cubes in a good spot before the gig started. It was a great gig - Tamas Wells (the support) were really good and I just HAD to go and buy their CD after. iOTA has a new backing band - well, new since I'd last seen him live anyway. He's now just singing and not playing guitar as well. They did a nice set - good mix of old and new - heaps of songs from The Hipbone Connection, so I was happy. Started to get a little bored with the coffee guy though.

*Sunday night*
Guy Webster is doing a residency on Sunday nights in June at The Bowery. I had planned to go last weekend, but didn't make it. This time, I agreed to meet the K couple and the coffee guy there, so I knew I'd actually go! Once again, great gig. First up was Paulie B from george doing the solo thing. From a couple of comments he made, I got the impression that this was his first solo gig. He was good - his voice is a little quiet, not as strong as his fellow george-ers (possibly why he doesn't sing in that band) but has a nice tone and is very pleasant. He did quite a few songs with this comlicated loop pedal which the tall guy and the coffee guy were both quite impressed by. The coffee guy went and asked questions afterwards. There was a short break (during which the K couple went for a walk) and then Guy Webster was on - the "friends" listed in the gig guide were Nick Apps from AfroDizziAct and Paulie B. He did a good set, I think he did everything from his EP and I'm pretty sure there was a couple of Informants songs thrown in there as well. The K couple left a little way into the set and the coffee guy also left before it ended, so I'm guessing they weren't quite as enthralled as I was... but I was really enjoying the gig, so I stayed until the end.

It was the first time I'd been to the Bowery and, while I liked the venue (reminded me of a couple of cafe's I've visited in Melbourne), the crowd was really weird. They seemed to have been transplanted from the city - they were either young and very trendy, or in their 30's and very conservative. In either case, I felt that I just wasn't trendy enough for the venue! The only people who didn't fit this mould seemed to be our little group, the band, and a couple of friends of the band (including Ty from george - I seem to see that guy more off-stage than on it lately). Very odd for a valley venue!

As for the coffee guy, I think I'm a little bored with him. Maybe it just isn't a good idea for me to see a guy 3 nights in a row. Maybe it's the way he tells jokes/funny stories but can't make sarcastic and witty comments about stuff in general (also his funny stories tend to be a bit long). Anyway, he's nice enough, I'm just not really that interested. Maybe this is the "I'm not really sure that I wan't a relationship" part coming out in me! ;o)

*The Days*
Saturday, Sunday and Monday (a public holiday) were all very quiet. Got housework done, watched some TV (stuff I'd taped during the week mostly), read a couple of books and got lots of sleep. Quite enjoyable really!

Listening to: a couple of Dave McCormack MP3s & Taxi Live


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