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last night's date

Actually, it went pretty well. He's really easy to talk to, actually has quite the sense of humour (which didn't really come across in his emails or phone call), and is better looking (less nerdy) than his photo. More interestingly, my tummy reacted when his leg brushed mine in the movies... and my tummy often knows better than my brain does whether I like a guy or not. It's not quite as indicative as a good toe curl, but it's certainly a sign! ;o)

He's supposed to be emailing me (don't know when) and maybe we'll go out again.

Movie review for Twin Sisters
It was really good, quite intense and I cried (always a good look on a first date *rolls eyes*) but it was really good, quite fascinating. It wasn't really a holocaust movie. There is really only one, maybe two, mentions of it in the movie and no scenes shot at concentration camps. The whole "Jewish issue" is really only raised as a dividing factor between the two sisters. It's mostly about the two sisters and their lives after they are seperated, centering on their different experiences during the war - one being a maid for a countess in Germany and the girlfriend and then wife of an officer in the German army, the other being the girlfriend of a Jew in occupied Holland. I thought it was interesting as, for a change, it showed both sides of the story and was symathetic to the viewpoint of the ordinary German, rather than showing them as monsters or heros (aka Schindlers List).

Having discussed a lot of this sort of stuff with two of my friends from Dublin (and with some of their friends from home that I'd met) who were German and Austrian, I thought it was pretty indicative of how German speaking people, of our generation at least, see the whole issue. There is still quite a bit of prejudice against German speaking people because of the war and the holocaust (especially by drunken English boys) in the same way as I found that many of the same people seemed to think that I (personally) was responsible for the Aboriginal adoption policies of the '30s (because they'd seen Rabbit Proof Fence once).

Back to dating
I'm still waiting for the one that I have the best email relationship with to actually ask me out. I might just have to ask him out instead.

As indicated yesterday, I emailed T&S about the whole online dating thing - they think I am a "wonder" (T) and "terrific" (S - hopefully not literal) to try it. Always nice to get some positive reinforcement for something I'm not so sure about.

And I loved this comment:

But honestly, I don't know what's wrong about the whole internet dating thing. At least you get to know a little bit about them before you have to spend time in their company, which is got to be better than hooking up with some dodgy bloke at the pub.

Absolute classic considering T&S met in a pub... ;o)

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