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plans for the weekend

Once again - I have big plans for this weekend. Lets see if they actually come to fruition this time!

Possibly got a date for tonight - still not sure (he hasn't confirmed) - with a guy I've been emailing for a while and have practically shared my life story with by now. I've told him about hassles with my ex, heard about hassles with his ex. We've discussed work and family and music and languages and child rearing ideas... the list goes on (and on and on - each email usually takes about 45 mins for me to reply to!).

It will be a late start if it happens, so I'm not particularly concerned. I'd like to either see Love Lies Bleeding at the Troub or the Montgomery Clifts (with george's ex-drummer) and Eden James (I really like his song that was on the Core Sample '03 CD, Never Setting Sun) at the Alley.

Also got an email from a new guy last night - he was at speedstar* and one of his flatmate's guested for The Meadows - he went to see them on Wed night and the law student and I are planning to see them next Wed night. I've only received 2 emails from him and I like the sound of him already... ;o)

Anyway, the weekend plans:


Catching up with the K couple and K's sister R in the city at lunchtime. Miles from Nowhere are playing on the Queen St Mall. And I think we're planning to check out the markets as well.

Got a date with the guy who had the flu last weekend. We're going have dinner together and then go to see Ollie Browne (from Art of Fighting) at the Troubadour. Should be a good night.


Will probably spend the morning recovering from the rest of my weekend and doing housework (terribly exciting!)

Sun night, the law student and I are planning to head in to see Guy Webster at The Bowery - she will have many cocktails and I will watch. She wants me to bring the Dendy guy (from Tuesday night) - apparently one of her friends knows him and says I should "hook in 'cause he's a sweetie" (and yep, that's a direct quote!) ;o)

Listening to: Tim Reid samples I downloaded from his site


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