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Bloody Caldwell Meghan

I'm not very impressed with my Irish employer right now!

For about 5 months last year, I was employed in Ireland as a temp by Caldwell Meghan (now the Megan Group), who are a temp agency in Dublin.

When I finished work (on 5 December 2003), on the advice of Jo McAndrew (my temp agent), I faxed her a letter to the Irish tax office which requested a refund of the tax I'd paid in Ireland. I sent this to Jo rather than to the tax office directly because they had yet to do my leaving certificate (called a P45 in Ireland) and Jo told me that she would send my letter to them with the P45. Now I know that Jo received this letter because (a) it was faxed to her with my timesheet for that final week's work - I don't get paid if they don't get the timesheet, and I got paid for that week; and (b) I was talking to her about a week later and she confirmed that she had it all in order.

So I get back to Australia late January - nothing from the tax office. I think this is a little slack, seeing as my claim (supposedly) was made in early December, but I give it a little while in case correspondence was held up with the Christmas post or something. Nothing arrived, so I emailed Jo in March, April and May to see if she had heard anything (she was the contact person on my claim letter on her advice). Didn't even receive a response - emails were received, she still works there (there's an article by her on the website), but not even the courtesy of a reply. How rude.

As it is now nearing the end of the financial year and my tax return will be due soon (for overseas readers, in Australia the financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June the following year and pretty much everyone who earns income has to put in a tax return), I decided to contact the tax office direct a couple of weeks ago. And what to I discover? That my email to them (in June) was the first they'd heard of my request for a refund!

Despite the occasional error, I had thought that Caldwell Meghan (and Jo in particular) were pretty efficient up until now. But this just takes the cake! Now I know why I didn't get a response I guess. They obviously just don't give a f**k once you're no longer useful to them and don't even do the basics they promise to do!

*wanders off muttering*....

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