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The date

So I went for coffee and to see a movie with this guy last night.

What can I say about it? It was fun, I enjoyed his company, I enjoyed the movie (Van Helsing), but I didn't get that spark with him. It was like going to the movies with a friend. I don't know - maybe if we see each other again, I'll feel different next time - maybe I was just feeling off - maybe it just wasn't meant to be!

Anyway, the movie was brilliant. It was the first time I'd been to the new cinemas at Southbank. They're good - I like it there. Will definitely go there again - could well become a favourite haunt of mine actually!

I loved the cinematography in it. I'm sure the staircase at the beginning of the film (which is meant to be Paris) is one of the ones that heads up to Prague Castle. I got a definite sense of deja vu from it. Obviously what he's looking over is CGI - Paris doesn't look anything like THAT from any vantage point anymore.

Kate Beckinsale looked amazing in it - that gypsy look with the darkened eyes and wild curly hair really suits her. Of course, she has that pale, clear skin to start with, but she usually looks so "english rose" and she looked almost Spanish in this.

And of course, Hugh Jackman was gorgeous - but then, he's always gorgeous. *g*

I hadn't realised that David Wenham was in it! His character was the comic relief and he did it well. But I don't think I've seen him in a role yet that he didn't do well.

Anyway, I asked the movie guy if he wanted to come to a gig on the weekend - I'm planning to see iOTA on Sat night and Guy Webster on Sun night. He said he was playing golf on Sunday and didn't think he'd be able to make either of those - he would need a decent sleep on Sat night to be prepared for golf, and a decent sleep Sun night to recover from golf. The man has all of his priorities wrong! ;o)

We'll probably see each other again though.

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