Observant little ...

I don't understand the answer, but I may have some ideas on the question...

First off...

Okay, after hearing about (or reading) a few friend's blogs, I thought it might be an idea to start my own. No idea what it will be about. I don't know if it will be funny, or even interesting, but I figure it's a better way of getting out my thoughts, dreams, ideals and dramas than any other.

So - first thoughts:-

- I'm currently recovering from mild concussion. Who else but me would manage to have something heavy fall on the same part of her head twice in the space of a few days. I'm back to normal (well, for me) now though. It's a bugger only being able to take Panadol for the thumping headaches still coming out of the bump on my head though.

- I went overseas last year and came back on my birthday (31/01) this year after 7 months away. It's still a little weird being back. I missed home so much when I was away, but I'm finding that I'm missing aspects of my life in Dublin so much now that I'm back. I have to admitt that I sill see every sunshiney day as a huge miracle though!

- I've just joined QMusic and got myself listed as a music photographer. I love music, I love photography (and I think I'm pretty good at it), and I need a hobby. I always feel a little weird taking a camera to a gig, especially as I'm worried that the venue will take it away from me, but maybe if I get a couple of muso's interested in getting me to do their promo or gig shots, I won't feel so weird about it. I have to find some of my old shots from before I went overseas to augment my photo album.


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