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still a bit mopey

Over the weekend, it turned cold and wet here. It's still cold and wet today. This is never good for my mood.

My furry feline friend either agreed with me that snuggling on the couch was the best way to spend the weekend, or he felt my mood and was being comforting, since he spent most of the weekend sleeping on my chest or my stomach. Usually, he is content to sleep beside me, but this weekend, he had to be on me. Which made it more difficult to get up. So I didn't. ;o)

I was supposed to go home to the folks place on Friday night, but things are a little up in the air at home at the moment, and it was not going to be a relaxing weekend. I wanted to go home and get hugs from my Mum to cure my mopey-ness, but, all things considered, I don't think she would have coped. She would have dumped her problems on me and I would have ended up even more mopey.

The "all things considered" is that my niece is sick again. She was in hospital all last week getting tests done and the test show that she has some sort of problem with her bile ducts. So she has to go off all of the medication for her liver problem while this other stuff is sorted out. She's back in hospital again this week and they think she's going to be there for a couple of weeks yet. Which creates major problems for the family - not just due to concern about my niece, but because there are the other 2 kids to think of. The youngest is only 6 weeks old, so has to come down to Brisbane with his mother and sister. My sister-in-law can't cope with an ill 5yo and a 6 week old baby at the same time without some help, so my brother will probably come down to Brisbane as well and work out of the Brisbane office of his employer. But he has to work - he can't take time off at this time of year because it's the end of the financial year and the busiest time for him. And so my sister-in-law will still have to cope with the 2 kids for much of the day. And then there's my nephew, who is 2yo. He's far too active to be happy in the hospital (especially with my sister-in-law trying to cope with a sick 5yo and a 6 week old baby), but if he stays with his grandparents (which is what happened last week), he's the only one of the family being left behind. So you see the conundrum.

My Mum was talking about coming down to Brisbane with them so that she could look after the two youngest kids while my sister-in-law cared for my niece. But she's also busy with work, and isn't all that well herself, so the kids exhaust her. I can't take time off work this week because one of my colleagues is already on holidays and I have court appearances nearly every day this week. In any event, I don't have enough holiday leave built up to be able to take a couple of weeks off to help out.

It's possible that my sister-in-law's mum may be able to come down and help out. But I don't know yet whether that is going to work out. And she wouldn't be able to help for the whole week anyway. The only upside is that it's school holidays at the moment, so there are a few friends who are teachers who may be able to help out in a pinch.

So anyway, I moped around home instead of moping about Mum and Dad's place. As it turns out, it was probably a good thing. I went out with Genie and The Tall Guy on Saturday night, which helped to break up my weekend of intensive television viewing and book reading. About half way through the night, Genie, her mate and I all left the boys and went dancing at this techno club which was full of drunk teenagers, but was set out pretty well so that we still had a good time. I hadn't been dancing in ages. I'd forgotten how much fun I have when I'm dancing - I probably should do it more often, but most of my friends have settled down now and don't go out as often, and when they do, we rarely go dancing. At the end of the night, when I decided that there was only so much I can take of drunken teenagers, Genie gave me a couple of big hugs and told me that they all love me. Which was nice. And exactly what I needed. I felt much better after that.

I finally got around to watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind over the weekend. It's one of those movies that every man and his dog has recommended to me, but I never quite got around to seeing. And I can see why the recommendations kept on pouring in. The acting was spot on (and it was nice to see Jim Carrey in a "straight" role), the cinematography was amazing, the storyline was weird yet believable, and the whole film was just very satisfying. I watched it twice over the weekend and I think it's the sort of movie I could easily watch over and over. I'm seriously considering buying it on DVD, which is about the highest accolade I can give a movie. I give it a 10 out of 10. It also helped to cheer me up out of my mopey-ness, since it reconfirmed my belief that you should regret nothing, and every nasty consequence you may have for your actions is a part of who you are. You don't get the good without the bad, and deleting the bad will also result in deleting the good. And that's not a good thing.

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Blogger Lord Bargain said...

have you noticed that the past tense of "mope" is "moped". So you can't really say "moped round the house" because it looks like you were on a scooter type thing.

i'll get my coat.

1:26 am  
Anonymous OLS said...

Sure, but it's in context... "moped around home instead of moping around..."

Still, riding a scooter type thing around home would have been fun! ;o)


7:39 am  

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