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I'm currently listening to an MP3 of FourPlay live on ABC radio. There is a whole bunch of cool recordings up there, including Ben Lee and Jens Lekman - I was really disappointed that I missed Jens Lekman when he came to Brisbane, so I'm pretty chuffed that I got to hear this recording. And to think that I didn't even know this program (The Deep End) existed...

The FourPlay recording is very cool - it's all new stuff that isn't on their CDs:

- Trust (an original I've talked about before) at 1:05 to 4:49
- 2+2=5 (Radiohead cover) at 10:54 to 14:29
- Reptilia (The Strokes cover) at 14:55 to 18:15
- Now to the Future (another original) at 18:51 to 25:05

Plus a lot of chat in between about how they started and the songs they're playing. I think this is going to be constantly on play on my work computer until the new album comes out. I really like Trust - that song is catchy.

Listening to: FourPlay, live on ABC (podcast/MP3)


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