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general observations

I've been a bit slack with the posting lately, so figured I'd better write something today, even if it is just a collection of thoughts.

- it's a fine line to run when going to a restaurant for dinner with the one person you know and all of their friends. You don't want to be too early and be waiting for everyone else, but you don't want to be late and stuck down one end of the table where you don't know anyone, but they all know each other. The later is what happened to me on Friday night. I had a good time regardless, but had a better time once we'd moved on to the Troubadour and I could talk to the people I actually know and liked.

- having lived in Ireland, there is nothing nicer than meeting an Irish person who can understand my love/hate relationship with Dublin.

- it's possible to like a person, but still find them incredibly annoying. I went out to dinner with Genie and a bunch of her friends on Saturday night and one of them has been a friend of mine even longer than she's known Genie. I used to like her a lot more. Now I wince every time she laughs and find her chatter inane - has she changed, or have I? Or is it just that she's always smashed when I see her lately?

- Stephanie Klein tells it how it is with a How To on dating.

Listening to: Incubus (I was going to give it away, but I think I'm changing my mind)


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