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Childhood poetry

I really must have been a joy to be around as a child (/sarcasm).

I was looking back through my poems and stories folder and found this one that was published when I was in grade 6 (11yo), though I think I actually wrote it when I was 10yo:


Red is the flame
That leaps to the sky,
Red is the sunset
That burns like fire,
Red are the roses
When they bloom,
Red is the devil's cave
That sentences doom.

Other kids wrote about spring and and pets and happy things like that. I wrote about the devil's cave and doom...

I'll post some of the stuff from my teenage years a bit later - they get worse - lots of stuff about death and guilt.

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Blogger Muzakaz said...

I like what I have read SO far, far. Shred the tongue and bite the glass. I saw you ping my site.. will continue to follow.

4:49 pm  

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