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CG models

Have a look at these pictures:

There's something a little wrong with them right? Well it's because they're CG models. See this story on Wired Magazine (also the source of the "photos") for more info.

Well, I had another quiet weekend. I spent Friday night at home with the full house that T&S's place has become (they had 4 houseguests!) and crashed early with my cold.

Saturday I spent dropping T&S off and then picking them up again at various venues, in between sleeping off my cold (still). For this, I received many brownie points. Which is good, since I'll probably be calling them in when I move next weekend.

Saturday night I went to the movies with the Vegetarian. We arranged to meet up after I'd dropped T&S off for their last function of the day (a wedding), so didn't have a specific movie in mind to go to and our choices were limited by the fact that the Vegetarian had already seen most of them. So we were down to The Grudge and The Garden State. I'm not good with horror movies and hadn't heard good reviews of The Grudge anyway, so we picked The Garden State. And I'm glad we did. It was a great movie - funny, sad, poignant, romantic, quirky. It all centres around the return home of Andrew Largeman (Zach Braff who also wrote and directed) for the funeral of his mother. He hasn't been home for 9 years and his relationship with his father (Ian Holm) is strained. While he's home, he runs into an eclectic mixture of old school mates from high school. The love interest (Sam) is played by Natalie Portman, who puts in a delightful performance as a girl with problems and quirks of her own, but who is a true individual with a loving family (ie exactly what Andrew isn't). Anyway, I loved it, I give it 4 stars (do I sound like Margaret?)

Oh and the soundtrack was great as well - Iron and Wine, The Shins, Nick Drake, Coldplay... if you go to the website I've linked for the movie above, you can hear excerpts.

Sunday, I bought a mattress. That's all. The rest of the day I slept and watched TV and read my book.

Listening to: music excerpts on The Garden State website


Blogger verbs said...

I saw Garden State tonight. It is very good. A different role for Zach Braff, compared to Scrubs.

And the soundtrack is very cool...when Nick Drake came on and his wonderful voice drifted through the film it was magical.

David gives this film, 3 and a half stars...he was slightly disappointed by the ending (only slightly though).

10:20 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

Yeah, I guess the ending was a bit Holywood in comparison with the rest of the film. But it got me leaving the film on a high and I think that's a good thing.


11:53 am  

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