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moving pains

Well, the good news is that I got the place I wanted. Well, assuming that my application goes through - they are just waiting for my current flatmate to call them back and (assuming he doesn't tell them lies) it will all go through. Apparently they called on Friday and he still hasn't called them back, despite two reminders from me and a couple of messages from them. I mean, I understand that it would not be his highest priority, but I think it's just rude not to return a phone call within 24 hours. *sigh* Anyway...

I can't move in for another couple of weeks yet, but my flatmate wants me out now, so I'm going to move in with T&S for a couple of weeks. On their suggestion, which was very nice of them. We haven't worked out exact timing yet, but I'll be seeing S on Thursday night when I move some of my stuff over there and I'm sure we can work it all out then.

I was supposed to be moving my stuff all of this week, but we've had thunderstorms in the evening all week (last night's was a whopper) and I can't get my stuff from the flat to the car without spending a fair time outside and not under cover.

When I called S last night to tell him I wouldn't be over (again), he had just seen T off on a plane to visit some friends of theirs. He couldn't go because he's just started a new job. Which is a shame for him, but was nice for me, because he was really chatty on the phone and we talked for about 40 minutes! I haven't had a big talk like that with S for ages, and I've got to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The bad news is that I was packing up my room last night and I think I've hurt my back. It's certainly very sore today. I think it might have been from moving my CD tower, which was pretty heavy with 200+ CDs in it (and that's only about 2/3 of my entire collection) and awkward to get from the lounge room into my bedroom.

At this stage, I've just packed up stuff and left it boxed up and in the corner of my room - so one corner of my room is impassable, and the rest of my room is starting to look rather bare. Tonight, I'm hoping to pack up the rest of the non-essentials, so that it will all be ready to move on Thursday (the weather forecast is for fine weather by then). S has offered to come over after squash and lend an extra car and extra pair of hands into the mix, which will mean that I should be able to move most of it in one trip, since S also has a station wagon. It also means that I can move some of the stuff that takes two people.

Hopefully my back will be better by then as well!

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