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speedstar and Somersault

Well, some of the stuff from Friday has been resolved. I had a chat to my Dad and my boss about the complaint stuff and I'm feeling better about it.

I was supposed to phone my Mum on the weekend and talk to her about the fight between her and S, but I managed to procrastinate all weekend and avoid that. I figure if she really wants to talk about it, she'll call me.


I had the best night on Friday night. Genie met me after work and we walked home together, chatting about the crap we'd both suffered during the week. The Teacher (I've just updated the Cast of Characters to include her) met us at my place and we drank red wine and ate Indian and generally had a girly chat until we left for The Zoo.

We arrived part way into Guy Webster's set, which was a little disappointing - I would have liked to have seen the whole thing - but we got a table, which was very exciting - that hardly ever happens at The Zoo. The place didn't really get packed for the whole gig actually, which was sort of nice for us but probably a little disappointing for the bands. Anyway, I love this guy, he always does great sets and this one was as good as always.

Next up was The Boat People. I haven't seen them since they'd changed drummers, but it doesn't seem to have changed much about the way they do things. The drummer is quite cute actually - he looks like Chris Martin from Coldplay. I quite like the Boaties music, but I find their live performances to be a bit bland - they just don't show any personality on stage. At least they've moved the guitar off centre, which I think was a good move (it's actually something I suggested to their manager ages ago), but they still need to do something more. I think it's just that they lack energy or something. Anyway, once again, this set didn't change my opinion.

And then of course, we had the main act, speedstar. The Teacher decided during this set that she was in love with the bass player - I have to admit that he's cute, but I like the two guitars more... especially "the hairy one" as he was called by us all night (he has a beard, I don't know whether he's hairy in other places). It was a more laid-back set than the two most recent gigs of theirs I've been to - or maybe I was just more laid-back after my 5 glasses of red wine... who knows. I think the lead singer was having some voice problems, he was drinking some sort of honey concoction during the set and seemed to be straining to hit his notes sometimes. And "the hairy one" was doing most of the talking between songs. Despite that, it was still a good gig. The Teacher and I got up to dance about half way into the set and I was happily seat dancing before that.

Anyway, I was talking before about the bass player. Well, the Teacher bought the CD single and she wanted him to sign it, but was too shy to go up to him and ask. Not known for my shyness, I took it up to him for her. He was so nice! I think I have a little crush now. *blushes*

And I got chatted up by the merch guy. I usually chat to the merch people when I'm up there checking out the t-shirts and CDs, but this is the first time one has given me his phone number and asked me to give him a call sometime. I was just a tad surprised - actually, I think my jaw hit my chest. But I'll probably call him. He made me laugh - always a very attractive trait in a guy.

Anyway, it was a good night. We all decided that we'll have to do "girls nights" more often.


Woke up with a slight red wine hangover - not so much that seedy feeling of having drunk too much, but a sinus headache which only ever seems to happen when it's red wine I've been drinking. Took a couple of tablets and was fine within about 1/2 an hour. Genie stayed over at my place after the gig last night so we bummed around drinking water and watching Rage until mid-morning and then we headed into the Valley markets. She window shopped, and I bought a wallet (it's an Astro Boy wallet, it's so cute), a little top for $5 and a sarong for $8 - the sarong is actually for my window so that I can have it open without the people passing by on the path outside being able to look into my bedroom. Also, since the windows don't have screens, I'm hoping it will discourge flies and mozzies from getting in. And it's light enough for the breeze to still come through. It seems to be working so far.

Genie met the Tall Guy at midday for lunch, so I left them to it. Bought myself some Maccas (great hangover food) for lunch and headed home to watch my Ben Folds Five DVD that I'd bought a little while ago but hadn't got around to watching yet. It actually has a lot of footage from Recovery, which hasn't been on-air for a while now, but had a bloody funny segment with BFF when they toured here a few years back. By the end of it all, I was keen to go out, but still tired. I'd missed the beginning of the Latin Fiesta and couldn't be arsed heading over to Southbank by then. But I thought I might be up for Shifter later that night. But by the time that came around, I was asleep. Oh well.


Lazed around for the day and got some housework done. Met the Law Student and some of her friends from choir early evening to see Somersault, an Aussie coming of age art film. It's had fairly polarised reviews, but I really enjoyed it - I probably wouldn't buy it on DVD, but I'd certainly recommend it. I thought it was well cast and the actors were very credible in their roles. Heidi reminded me of me back when I was 14 or 15 (except I didn't have that much sex) and Joe was just like the farmer-boys I went to school with. A lot of the others in my group thought he was made overly complex, but the guys I went to school with were often like that. They grow up knowing that they're going to get the farm and expecting that that's all they'll do with their lives, so they often experiment with different things almost as if it's a way out. Anyway, I found both characters interesting and realistic.

The only thing that bothered me about it (and the reason I wouldn't buy it on DVD) was that a lot of it was shot with that shaky hand-held-like camera work, which I hate. I know it's supposed to be realistic and all, but it makes me feel queasy and it's really hard to enjoy a film when you're spending most of it feeling decidedly green. Other than that the cinematography was gorgeous and I thought the imagery was beautiful.

The Law Student's cousin (who was part of the group) has a scoring system for movies - 5 is a pass, 6 a thumbs up, 8 is a really good movie and 10 is one you'd watch over and over. Then it sort of works in from there with 1/2 points being allowed. Anyway, on his scoring system, I'd rate this movie an 8.5 and I think all of the group rated it 7.5 or above.

We all went for coffee after the movie and I got chatting to some of the group that I'd only met that night. They're a really nice group (though all a lot younger than me) and very friendly and chatty - it was a good night.

Listening to: Ben Folds - Live


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