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the latest date, my short attention span & weekend plans

So, went on another date with a new guy yesterday for lunch. This was the guy that seemed great by email - chatty, funny, intelligent...

Unfortunately, in person he's intense, nowhere near as amusing and has the most unfortunate nose - I had trouble looking at him because whenever I did, my focus always seemed to centre on his nose. It's not that it's particularly big or anything - it just has this odd shape with a kind of bulby bit at the end... anyway, don't think I'll be seeing him again!

I think I'm kind of losing interest in the whole dating thing already - will keep seeing the one's that I've already seen and am interested in, but I don't think I'll be actively out there and answering emails or stuff anymore. There are two reasons for this:-

(a) My internet bill is getting rather huge because of all the time I'm spending on my online email account;

(b) I have a short attention span - been there, tried it - had fun, but now I'm over it.

Thinking of my short attention span, I've changed my "Listening to" font at the end of my posts - changed it for a couple of past posts and have changed the template for future posts. Basically, I found this website that explains HTML colours and I started fiddling, looking for a colour that wouldn't stand out too much against the rest of the page, but was a bit different from the rest of the text. Anyway, I like it... for the moment anyway! ;o)

I can't believe it's Friday again already! And I seem to have achieved nothing this week. Once again, big weekend plans. Well, not as big as previous weekends, but still lots of stuff to do. Planning on a quiet night tonight - it's been a pretty big week and I probably need it. Tomorrow I really should do some shopping - I have a couple of birthdays coming up and I have no idea what to get! I'd also like to catch up with T&S and the bub at some stage - haven't seen the bub in a couple of weeks (they change so fast at that age!) and haven't had a chance to really talk to T&S for a while either.

Ohh... The Luckiest just came on - I love that song... see this is what I want - a guy who could write a song like that about me! And people say that I have high expectations! *g*

Anyway, back to the plans - Sat night I'm going to Machine Translations with the K couple and then Sunday I was going to check out some of the Jazz and Blues Festival at the Roma St Parklands. For the first time in a while, I have no plans for Sunday night and I think I'll keep it that way - actually get a decent night's sleep before I start the working week again!

*sigh* Back to work. I probably should try to accomplish something this week.

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