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some covers just don't work

I'm a massive Jeff Buckley fan. So as far as I'm concerned, you shouldn't cover a Jeff song (or in this particular case, a song he made famous), unless you can do it as well as or better than Jeff. FourPlay did it. Damien Rice did it. Last night, Charles Foster Kane didn't. Halleluliah should give you chills. CFK's version just gave me the shits.

And then they topped it off by doing a terrible cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "Like a Bridge over Troubled Water" (?? - it was definitely a S&G song, I can't be sure which one though).

I like Charles Foster Kane. I'm actually quite a fan of their originals. But I don't think his voice suits either song. The guy on keys was good though. I'd like to see them doing a cover of Suede's "The Two of Us" - if they want to do a slow cover, I think that one would better suit their style. But maybe it's a bit obvious.... *shrugs*

Listening to: Charles Foster Kane - Better Believe


Blogger twistedbrick said...

Even though Hallelujah was not originally by Jeff, I will always associate the song with him. Rufus Wainwright's version just did not sit well with me, despite my respect for the talents of the entire Wainwright family.

I shed a tear after reading the biography of Jeff and Tim Buckley, then listening to Hallelujah.

5:59 pm  
Anonymous OLS said...

Yeah, I agree. I think the problem with doing a Jeff cover is that the comparison is inevitable, and rarely complementary! ;o)


1:11 pm  

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