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I don't understand the answer, but I may have some ideas on the question...

Joss Whedon leads a cult?

Cool! I want to join! Oh, hang on...

I saw the headline: Cult leader upsizes, in news.com.au and thought "what the..." and clicked through to read it. Then I realised it was an article all about Joss Whedon and got all excited about being able to join a Joss Whedon cult.

But then I realised that by "cult leader" they really meant "person who created cult series", and unfortunately (in this case) they're not really the same thing.

The article is mostly about his new "Whedon's futuristic action-adventure film" called Serenity, which was made after Firefly was axed, and is apparently the bigscreen movie version of the TV show. Hence the "upsizes" I guess. *rolls eyes* Talk about journalistic licence!

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Blogger Ka said...

That whole Firefly phenom creeps me out - I knew Nathan Fillion way back (I've even kissed him in the context of a Theatresports game) and I can't take him seriously on television.

Joss Whedon wants to direct the seventh Harry Potter movie.

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