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Mix CD

I'm putting together a mix CD for someone I don't know. She's another Queenslander like me, and we share a love of one band, so I won't be putting any of them on there. But other than that, I know nothing about her.

When I'm putting songs together for something like this, I usually try to include as many unsigned bands that I'm into as possible. Or I'll include songs that weren't singles here from artists that aren't well known in Australia though they may be famous in their own countries. On the rare occasion I include a song from a band that's well known around here, it will be a song that isn't typical of the band and wasn't a single. Basically, I'm a born mix-taper. I love to share my favourite obscure bands with other people.

So anyway, I now that the typical conundrum of every mix-taper - too many good songs, not enough room on the CD to fit them all. You can only fit less than 80 minutes of music on a CD, and I have just over 90. So I have to cut about 3 songs from the following list:

Ben Folds - There's always someone cooler than you
speedstar* - Good morning saviour
The Frames - Lay me down
Matthew Sweet - Devil with the green eyes

Charles Foster Kane - Lucky ones
The Kerbs - I know
The Informants - I know you know
Belle & Sebastian - There's too much love
Machine Translations - Love on the wire
Supergrass - Moving
Screamfeeder - Above the dove
Ben Kweller - Different but the same
Shifter - The cigarette song
Darren Hanlon - Hiccups
David McCormack - Liquor Store
Machine Gun Fellatio - Unsent Letter
Guy Webster - Lucky man suffering
Tylea and the Imaginary Music Score - Blow me away (like smoke_
george - Quiet day

Damien Rice - Elder chests
Tamas Wells - When we do fail Abigail
Kieran Waters & the Young Casuals - Knuckles of White
Women in Docs - Fade away

And I still want to get a Wes Davidson song in there too...

So I thinking of taking out:

Ben Folds - although I love that song and he's one of my favourite musicians, he's pretty well known in Australia and it doesn't really fit with the rest of the mix.

Supergrass - I'm not hugely into them and it doesn't represent my overall taste in music as well as the rest of them.

Machine Gun Fellatio - also well known in Australia, although this song is not typical of them and I really love that about it.

george - again, one of my favourite songs of theirs and a B-side, so not a widely known one, but they're signed and well-known here (especially in Queensland since they're a Brisbane band).

Of the rest, the purple ones are all locals, so I'd like to keep them in since she's local and may come to support them if she likes them. The others are all more obscure bands (my definition of which is that a majority of my friends haven't heard of them) that I'm heavily into.

Hmmm... it's a tough one though.

Listening to: my Mix CD (as above)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can supply no useful advice whatsoever. Does that help...? ;P
I have watched the 4400 tapes. Tahnks again for going to the trouble. What am I to do with them now?

1:59 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

Yes, very helpful. Thanks for that! ;o)

Re the tapes - I'll get back to you (probably will leave a comment on your blog) - a couple of people wanted to borrow them (all in Aust, don't worry), so I'll work out who wants them first so you know where to post/drop them.


2:09 pm  

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