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a brand new crush

I couldn't sleep last night. I went to dinner after work with an old law school buddy who works for biglaw and works such long hours that I hardly ever see her. In fact, despite the fact that we don't live to far away from each other and we both work in the city, this is only the 2nd time this year that we've caught up and I haven't seen her husband since their wedding a couple of years ago. Anyway, dinner was great, we chatted for hours, but I'm not used to eating such a big meal at night and I think my body went into overdrive.

So anyway, I stay up late and end up watching The Cooks for the first time. It would be so easy for me to love this show - it's a bit quirky, very x-gen, and dramatic without being too soapy. I smiled, I laughed, and I fell in lust. With the lead male character, Gabe.

While I don't doubt that the actor, Toby Schmitz, is a mere child and I'm far too old for him (it always seems to be the way *sigh*), the character Gabe is just gorgeous. I love his voice. *sigh* He's tall and skinny with floppy brown hair... just my type.

I like having crushes on completely unattainable men. It means that I never meet them and get disappointed. I like the fantasy, while constantly admitting that it is a fantasy. My crushes never interfere with my relationships that way either. And this one is just so.... mmmm....

So yeah, mama's got a brand new crush.

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Blogger nicole said...

oh yeah Toby Schmitz is hot. I first noticed him in a theatre production 2 years ago. Then I visited a favourite cafe of mine in Sydney CBD the following and thought he was the barista (not kidding, the Kiwi guy who worked there for a while was a dead ringer). Ah well, having a chance to perv on the barista almost daily was almost as good as perving on Toby Schmitz :) I think it's his eyes. Or maybe it's that cheeky grin.

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