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a weekend which went as planned

Back to the real world after my long weekend.

It was all very pleasant. I headed up to Toowoomba on Friday night and stayed up chatting to my Mum until about 2am. I spent Saturday doing my washing, catching up on some sleep, shopping with Mum - then about 3pm or so B&S and the Kids arrived over with A (from R&A) about 10 minutes behind them. So chatted to A until about 5pm or so - she's well, coping with pregnancy very well and looking great.

That night we had a roast for dinner - not sitting in front of the TV to eat for a change because my Dad's brother was there for dinner as well. Mmmmm - love roast dinners. My folks have this strange little oven thingo which does the roast and the veggies and then you just shove some water and detergeant into it and it cleans itself. Wonderous thing. If I ever start cooking meat for myself, I might invest in one.

Sunday was my brother's birthday lunch. There ended up being about 20 of us by the time you included a couple of friends of theirs and all of the kids. We all headed out to the Highfields Tavern and Mum and Dad and I shared a bottle of red - which meant that Mum and Dad had a glass each and I finished the rest. I had a lovely time, but then, after 3 glasses of red, I was a little smashed!

Spent most of my time running about after my little nephew - he's 2 in November and is nicknamed "Turbo" - gives you some idea. Gorgeous kid, but my lord he's got some energy!

Sunday night my cousin and his wife arrived. I had developed a headache during the course of the afternoon and had taken 2 Mersyndol about 1/2 hour before they arrived, so I imagine I didn't make the best first impression! I tried to be friendly, but was really too busy staring vacantly at the wall to try very hard.

Anyway, Monday I made up for it. Talked both of their ears off and gave them ideas of touristy things to do around Toowoomba before I headed off for my appointment with the Guru. Two hours later, my back was straight again, the kinks had been worked out of my legs and my neck was also feeling a lot looser. There wasn't anything really wrong to head off to see him, just a bit of a tune up. He pretty much confirmed what I already thought - the old bod's in pretty good shape. Always nice to hear, especially since I'd done 7 months of travel since I'd last seen him (complete with 35kg worth of packs that I lugged around on my back).

I headed back to the folks place after my appointment and grabbed some lunch. By then it was 4pm and I would have hit Brisbane right on peak hour, so I decided to wait for a bit before I headed off. Then I decided to have dinner first. Then I chatted for a bit after dinner. I ended up heading off around 7:30pm and got home about 9pm.

Only to practically walk into my door, which was closed (I never close it and had an armful of stuff that I could barely see over) - then I actually walked into my drying rack which my flatmate had moved into my room, right in front of my door, for some unknown reason. Let me just say that having the pointy end of a drying rack hit you in the guts when you're pre-menstrual is not a pleasant feeling. I was not a happy camper.

As per usual with me though, I was completely over it 1/2 hour later.

We must have had a black out last night because my alarm didn't go off this morning and my clock was all off. This meant that I didn't get into work until late this morning and can't take my usual breaks to do stuff like this and still do a full working day before I meet the Nymph to go to dinner then a play tonight.

I also have my interview for the other PO4 position this afternoon. So I'll blog more on that stuff tomorrow.

Listening to: Belle & Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress


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